s3_client([profile, creds, region_name, ...])

Construct s3 client with configured region_name.

s3_open(url[, s3, range])

Open whole or part of S3 object

s3_head_object(url[, s3])

Head object, return object metadata.

s3_fetch(url[, s3, range])

Read entire or part of object into memory and return as bytes

s3_dump(data, url[, s3])

Write data to s3 object.


Return Bucket, Key tuple

auto_find_region([session, default])

Try to figure out which region name to use

get_aws_settings([profile, region_name, ...])

Compute aws= parameter for set_default_rio_config.

get_creds_with_retry(session[, max_tries, sleep])

Attempt to obtain credentials upto max_tries times with back off :type session: Session :param session: botocore session, see mk_boto_session :type max_tries: int :param max_tries: number of attempt before failing and returing None :type sleep: float :param sleep: number of seconds to sleep after first failure (doubles on every consecutive failure)

mk_boto_session([profile, creds, region_name])

Get botocore session with correct region configured


Returns name of the region this EC2 instance is running in.


When running inside AWS returns dictionary describing instance identity.

configure_s3_access([profile, region_name, ...])

Credentialize for S3 bucket access or configure public access.