Creating Geometries#

point(x, y, crs)

Create a 2D Point

multipoint(coords, crs)

Create a 2D MultiPoint Geometry

line(coords, crs)

Create a 2D LineString (Connected set of lines)

multiline(coords, crs)

Create a 2D MultiLineString (Multiple disconnected sets of lines)

polygon(outer, crs, *inners)

Create a 2D Polygon

multipolygon(coords, crs)

Create a 2D MultiPolygon


Construct Multi{Polygon|LineString|Point}

box(left, bottom, right, top, crs)

Create a 2D Box (Polygon)


Returns a sequence of Geometry[Line] objects.

polygon_from_transform(width, height, ...)

Create a 2D Polygon from an affine transform