The Open Data Cube is a collection of software designed to:

  • Catalogue large amounts of Earth Observation data

  • Provide a Python based API for high performance querying and data access

  • Give scientists and other users easy ability to perform Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Allow scalable continent scale processing of the stored data

  • Track the provenance of all the contained data to allow for quality control and updates

The Open Data Cube software is based around the datacube-core library.

datacube-core is an open source Python library, released under the Apache 2.0 license.

Use Cases

Large-scale workflows on HPC

Continent or global-scale processing of data on a High Performance Computing supercomputer cluster.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Allows interactive analysis of data, such as through a Jupyter Notebook.

Cloud-based Services

Using ODC to serve WMS, WCS, or custom tools (such as polygon drill time series analysis.

Standalone Applications

Running environmental analysis applications on a laptop, suitable for field work, or outreach to a developing region.