Data Replication

Simple Data Cube Replication Tool

This tool provides a very simplistic way to download data and metadata from a remote Data Cube onto a local PC. It connects to a remote Data Cube via SSH, and downloads database records and files.

A configuration file is used to define which portions of which Product should be downloaded. If a Dataset is already available locally, it will not be downlaoded again, meaning the tool can be run multiple times to keep the local system up to date with new datasets on the remote server.

It can be run from the command line as datacube-simple-replica, taking an optional parameter of a configuration file.

Provide a configuration file in ~/.datacube.replication.conf in YAML format, or specify an alternate location on the command line.

Command line documentation

Caveats and limitations

  • Remote datacube files and database are accessed via an SSH host that can be logged into without a password, ie. by using local SSH key agent.

  • The remote datacube index must be same version as the local datacube code.