Types of Datasets

When using the Data Cube, it will contain records about 2 different types of products and datasets.

Type of dataset

In Index

Typical data



Created externally



Created within the Data Cube

Indexed Datasets

Data is available (has a file location or uri), with associated metadata available in a format understood by the Data Cube.


  • USGS Landsat Scenes with prepared agdc-metadata.yaml

  • GA Landsat Scenes

Ingested Datasets

Data has been created by/and is managed by the Data Cube. The data has typically been been copied, compressed, tiled and possibly re-projected into a shape suitable for analysis, and stored in NetCDF4 files.


  • Tiled GA Landsat Data, ingested into Australian Albers Equal Area Projection (EPSG:3577) and stored in 100km tiles in NetCDF4


digraph provenance { node[fontname="Helvetica"] //, colorscheme=greens3, color=1]; raw[label="RAW Telemetry", style=dashed] ortho[label="Ortho Rectified", style=dashed] nbar[style=solid, label="NBAR Scene", styled=solid] nbartile[label="NBAR Albers Tile", shape=box, style=filled] raw -> ortho -> nbar -> nbartile; //rankdir=LR; }