Metadata Types#

A Metadata Type defines which fields should be searchable in your product or dataset metadata.

Three metadata types are added by default called eo, telemetry and eo3.

You can see the default metadata types in the repository at datacube/index/default-metadata-types.yaml.

You would create a new metadata type if you want custom fields to be searchable for your products, or if you want to structure your metadata documents differently.

To add or alter metadata types, you can use commands like: datacube metadata add <path-to-file> and to update: datacube metadata update <path-to-file>. Using --allow-unsafe will allow you to update metadata types where the changes may have unexpected consequences.

Note that the postgis driver only supports eo3-compatible metadata types, and from version 2.0 onward, support for non-eo3-compatible metadata types will be fully deprecated.

name: barebone
description: A minimalist metadata type file
  id: [id]  # No longer configurable in newer ODCs.
  sources: [lineage, source_datasets]  # No longer configurable in newer ODCs.

  creation_dt: [properties, 'odc:processing_datetime']
  label: [label]
  # The following keys are necessary if describing spatial datasets
  # grid_spatial: [grid_spatial, projection]
  # measurements: [measurements]
  # format: [properties, 'odc:file_format']

      description: Platform code
      offset: [properties, 'eo:platform']
      indexed: false


Metadata type yaml file must contain name, description and dataset keys.

Dataset key must contain id, sources, creation_dt, label, and search_fields keys.

For metadata types of spatial datasets, the dataset key must also contain grid_spatial, measurements, and format keys. Support for non-spatial datasets is likely to be dropped in version 2.0.