class datacube.utils.geometry.GeoBox(width, height, affine, crs)[source]

Defines the location and resolution of a rectangular grid of data, including it’s CRS.

  • crs (geometry.CRS) – Coordinate Reference System
  • affine (affine.Affine) – Affine transformation defining the location of the geobox
__init__(width, height, affine, crs)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(width, height, affine, crs) Initialize self.
buffered(ybuff, xbuff) Produce a tile buffered by ybuff, xbuff (in CRS units)
from_geopolygon(geopolygon, resolution[, …])
type geopolygon:


alignment Alignment of pixel boundaries in Y,X dimensions
coordinates dict of coordinate labels
coords dict of coordinate labels
crs CRS
dimensions List of dimension names of the GeoBox
dims List of dimension names of the GeoBox
geographic_extent geometry.Geometry
resolution Resolution in Y,X dimensions
shape (int,int)