class datacube.model.Measurement(**kwargs)[source]

Describes a single data variable of a Product or Dataset.

Must include, which can be used when loading and interpreting data:

  • name
  • dtype - eg: int8, int16, float32
  • nodata - What value represent No Data
  • units

Attributes can be accessed using dict [] syntax.

Can also include attributes like alternative names ‘aliases’, and spectral and bit flags definitions to aid with interpreting the data.


Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(**kwargs) Initialize self.
copy() Required as the super class dict method returns a dict and does not preserve Measurement class
dataarray_attrs() This returns attributes filtered for display in a dataarray.
fromkeys Create a new dictionary with keys from iterable and values set to value.
get Return the value for key if key is in the dictionary, else default.
pop(k[,d]) If key is not found, d is returned if given, otherwise KeyError is raised
popitem() 2-tuple; but raise KeyError if D is empty.
setdefault Insert key with a value of default if key is not in the dictionary.
update([E, ]**F) If E is present and has a .keys() method, then does: for k in E: D[k] = E[k] If E is present and lacks a .keys() method, then does: for k, v in E: D[k] = v In either case, this is followed by: for k in F: D[k] = F[k]