class datacube.config.LocalConfig(config, files_loaded=None, env=None)[source]

System configuration for the user.

This loads from a set of possible configuration files which define the available environments. An environment contains connection details for a Data Cube Index, which provides access to available data.

__init__(config, files_loaded=None, env=None)[source]
Datacube environment resolution precedence is:
  1. Supplied as a function argument env

  2. DATACUBE_ENVIRONMENT environment variable

  3. user.default_environment option in the config

  4. ‘default’ or ‘datacube’ whichever is present

If environment is supplied by any of the first 3 methods is not present in the config, then throw an exception.


__init__(config[, files_loaded, env])

Datacube environment resolution precedence is:

find([paths, env])

Find config from environment variables or possible filesystem locations.

get(item[, fallback])