Product Discovery#

Product Listings#

Once a datacube instance has been created, users can explore the products and measurements stored within.

The datacube instance’s list_products method can be used to view a list of all products available in the datacube.

Products listed under name in the following table represent the product options available when querying the datacube. The table below provides some useful information about each product, including a brief product description, the data’s license, and the product’s default crs (coordinate reference system) and resolution if applicable.

import datacube

dc = datacube.Datacube(app="my_analysis")

name description license default_crs default_resolution
ls5_sr ls5_sr USGS Landsat 5 Collection 2 Level-2 Surface Re... CC-BY-4.0 None None
ls7_sr ls7_sr USGS Landsat 7 Collection 2 Level-2 Surface Re... CC-BY-4.0 None None
ls8_sr ls8_sr USGS Landsat 8 Collection 2 Level-2 Surface Re... CC-BY-4.0 None None
ls9_sr ls9_sr USGS Landsat 9 Collection 2 Level-2 Surface Re... CC-BY-4.0 None None

Measurement Listings#

Most products are associated with a range of available measurements. These can be individual satellite bands (e.g. Landsat’s near-infrared band) or statistical product summaries.

The datacube instance’s list_measurements method can be used to interrogate the measurements associated with a specific product.

The table below includes a range of technical information about each band in the ls9_sr product (USGS Landsat 9 Collection 2 Level-2 Surface Reflectance). This includes the measurement name, data type (dtype), data units, nodata values, any aliases which can be used to load the measurements, and any flags definitions associated with the measurement (this information is used for tasks like cloud masking).

name dtype units nodata aliases flags_definition
product measurement
ls9_sr SR_B1 SR_B1 uint16 1 0.0 [band_1, coastal_aerosol] NaN
SR_B2 SR_B2 uint16 1 0.0 [band_2, blue] NaN
SR_B3 SR_B3 uint16 1 0.0 [band_3, green] NaN
SR_B4 SR_B4 uint16 1 0.0 [band_4, red] NaN
SR_B5 SR_B5 uint16 1 0.0 [band_5, nir] NaN
SR_B6 SR_B6 uint16 1 0.0 [band_6, swir_1] NaN
SR_B7 SR_B7 uint16 1 0.0 [band_7, swir_2] NaN
QA_PIXEL QA_PIXEL uint16 bit_index 1.0 [pq, pixel_quality] {'snow': {'bits': 5, 'values': {'0': 'not_high...
QA_RADSAT QA_RADSAT uint16 bit_index 0.0 [radsat, radiometric_saturation] {'nir_saturation': {'bits': 4, 'values': {'0':...
SR_QA_AEROSOL SR_QA_AEROSOL uint8 bit_index 1.0 [qa_aerosol, aerosol_qa] {'water': {'bits': 2, 'values': {'0': False, '...