Follow the steps below to install and configure a new Data Cube instance.

digraph setup { node [shape=box,style=filled,fillcolor=gray95] subgraph cluster0 { edge [style=dashed]; color = grey; style = dashed; fontsize = 12; label = "Optional data ingestion\n(Performance optimisation)"; WriteIngest -> RunIngest; } subgraph cluster1 { edge [style=dashed]; color = grey; style = dashed; fontsize = 12; label = "Optional dataset preparation\nrequired for 3rd party datasets"; WritePrepScript -> RunPrepScript; } InstallPackage -> CreateDB -> InitialiseDatabase -> LoadProductTypes; LoadProductTypes -> IndexData [weight=10]; IndexData -> Finished [weight=5]; IndexData -> WriteIngest [style=dashed]; RunIngest -> Finished [style=dashed]; RunPrepScript -> IndexData [style=dashed]; InstallPackage [href="install.html", target="_top", label="Install Data Cube Package and Dependencies"]; CreateDB [href="db_setup.html", target="_top", label="Create a Database to hold the Index"]; InitialiseDatabase [href="db_setup.html#initialise-the-database-schema", target="_top", label="Initialise Database"]; IndexData [href="indexing.html", target="_top", label="Index Datasets"]; WriteIngest [href="ingest.html#ingestion-configuration", target="_top", label="Write ingest config"]; RunIngest [href="ingest.html#ingest-some-data", target="_top", label="Run ingestion"]; Finished [label="Finished\nReady to analyse data"]; LoadProductTypes [href="indexing.html#product-definitions", target="_top", label="Define Product Types"]; WritePrepScript [href="prepare_scripts.html", target="_top", label="Write Prepare Script"]; RunPrepScript [href="prepare_scripts.html", target="_top", label="Run Prepare Script"]; }