Ingesting Data

Congratulations, you’re ready to ingest some data. If you’ve made it this far you should already have some data indexed, and want to tile it up into a faster storage format or projection system.

Ingestion Configuration

An Ingestion Configuration file defines a mapping from the way one set of Datasets is stored, into a new storage scheme for the data. This will be recorded in the index as a new Product, and the data will be manipulated and written out to disk in the new format.

An Ingestion Config is written in YAML and contains the following:

  • which measurements are stored
  • what projection the data is stored in
  • what resolution the data is stored in
  • how data is tiled
  • where the data is stored
  • how the data should be resampled and compressed

Multiple ingestion configurations can be kept around to ingest datasets into different projections, resolutions, etc.

For more information see Metadata Type Definition.

Ingest Some Data

Use the datacube to ingest your data, specifying the desired configuration file.

datacube ingest -c {configuration_file}

Configuration samples are available as part of the open source Github repository.