Database Setup


You must have a properly configured Postgres installation for this to work. If you have a fresh install of Postgres on Ubuntu then you may want to configure the postgres user password to complete the postgres setup

Create Database

If you have existing Postgres authentication:

createdb datacube

or specify connection details manually:

createdb -h <hostname> -U <username> datacube


You can also delete the database by running dropdb datacube. This step is not reversible.

Create Configuration File

Datacube looks for a configuration file in ~/.datacube.conf or in the location specified by the DATACUBE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable. The file has this format:

db_database: datacube

# A blank host will use a local socket. Specify a hostname (such as localhost) to use TCP.

# Credentials are optional: you might have other Postgres authentication configured.
# The default username otherwise is the current user id.
# db_username:
# db_password:

Uncomment and fill in lines as required.

See also Runtime Config

Initialise the Database Schema

datacube can create and populate the Data Cube database schema (agdc):

datacube -v system init