Data Access API

For examples on how to use the API, see the Jupyter notebooks at:

Datacube Class

Datacube([index, config, app]) Interface to search, read and write a datacube.

Higher Level User Functions

Datacube.list_products([show_archived, …]) List products in the datacube
Datacube.list_measurements([show_archived, …]) List measurements for each product
Datacube.load([product, measurements, …]) Load data as an xarray object.

Low-Level Internal Functions

Datacube.find_datasets(**kwargs) Find datasets for a product.
Datacube.group_datasets(datasets, group_by) Group datasets along defined non-spatial dimensions (ie.
Datacube.load_data(sources, geobox, measurements) Load data from group_datasets() into an xarray.Dataset.
Datacube.measurement_data(sources, geobox, …) Retrieve a single measurement variable as a xarray.DataArray.

GridWorkflow Class

GridWorkflow(index[, grid_spec, product]) GridWorkflow deals with cell- and tile-based processing using a grid defining a projection and resolution.
grid_workflow.Tile(sources, geobox) The Tile object holds a lightweight representation of a datacube result.

Higher Level User Functions

GridWorkflow.list_cells([cell_index]) List cells that match the query.
GridWorkflow.list_tiles([cell_index]) List tiles of data, sorted by cell.
GridWorkflow.load(tile[, measurements, …]) Load data for a cell/tile.

Low-Level Internal Functions

GridWorkflow.cell_observations([cell_index, …]) List datasets, grouped by cell.
GridWorkflow.group_into_cells(observations, …) Group observations into a stack of source tiles.
GridWorkflow.tile_sources(observations, group_by) Split observations into tiles and group into source tiles

API for Analytics and Execution Engine

API.__init__([index, app, datacube]) Creates the interface for query and storage access.
API.list_products() Lists the products in the datacube.
API.list_variables() Lists the variables of products in the datacube.
API.get_descriptor([descriptor_request, …]) Gets the metadata for a AnalyticsEngine query.
API.get_data(data_request[, dataset_groups, …]) Gets the data for a ExecutionEngine query.

Query Class

Query([index, product, geopolygon, like])

User Configuration

LocalConfig(config[, files_loaded]) System configuration for the user.
DEFAULT_CONF_PATHS Config locations in order.